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Company introduction

For the construction of "one hundred years of qianjiang electric" magnificent foundation and efforts

    Hangzhou Qiantang Riever Electric Group Co., Ltd.(abbr. QRE) was established in 1976. With the development of the company, it's ambition is to be ranked in top 5 most valuable brand in power industry!

    QRE is established in May of 1976, it's a state-level high-tech enterprise and owns postdoctoral station, state-level technical center and Zhejiang QRE Transformer Institute. The 'Qianchao' brand has been honored as 'Well-known Trademark', 'Top Brand in Zhejiang', 'Famous Brand of Zhejiang' and so on. It also has been honored as top 10 in transformer industry for six consecutive years.

    It's leading products are power transformer up to 500kV, special transformer, compact substation, wind-power transformer, intelligent prefabricated substation, photovoltaic generation transformer, HV and LV suitchgear and so on products.QRE products are widely used in State Grid, Southern Power Grid, large-scale generation and enterprise projects. The products have been exported to more than 60 countries covered five continents, and win great reputation from customers in domestic and abroad.

    Adhering to the gudline of 'Sincere Service, Customers Satisfaction', privide with customers power transmission and distribution equipment, design, installation, maintenance, test, examine and repair, trusteeship, emergency response and so on services.

    Looking forward to the future, QRE will follow the core values of ' quality, innovation, learning, team, win-win', carry forward the enterprise spirit of ' Keep moving ahead, never satisfied, marching forward to the ambition of 'pursuit sustainable development, to be world-class electrical equipment'.

Vision mission

Pursue sustainable development and become a world class electrical equipment supplier

Brand value

With the most valuable brand in the power industry

Market share

With a certain market share in global power equipment industry

R&D technology

With the world's leading power system technology, product and service

Social responsibility

Build a 'zero emission, zero accident' double zero company

Human oriented

Create a team with excellent achievements, share with employees the result of enterprise development

management system

Pursue sustainable development and become a world class electrical equipment supplier

shareholders' committee

Management committee


Board of supervisor

Board of directors

HR department

Execution office

Audit department

Procurement center

Finance center

Hangzhou Qiandian Power Construction Co., Ltd.

Quzhou Hangyong Transformer Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou headquarter

Jiangxi Yisheng Electric Co., Ltd.

Beijing Ludian Power Equipment Co., Ltd.

Honor of qualification

One heart, heart to provide high-quality products to make customers trust

National Machinery Industry Quality Award

Top Ten Transformer Enterprises

Provincial High-tech Enterprise R&D Center

Zhejiang Province Quality Award

Excellent Enterprise

Enterprise with Outstanding Contributions

Top Ten Power Transformer Enterprise in China

Credit Grade 3A Enterprise

Contact us

To provide customers with safe, environmental protection, energy saving high quality power services

Welcome to join us!

Address:Guangming Industrial Zone, Guali Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

The contact:James(China Headquarter) ; KS Balaji(India Office)

Email:intl@qre.com.cn(China Headquarter); enquiry@qgp.in(India Office)

Zip code:311200

After-sales service(0086-571-82582099)

Contact us
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